Could anybody give me one good reason why they oppose the NRC?

  1. Every developed country has some variant of NRC.

  2. It’s not religion-based. The citizenship amendment bill is a different thing and it grants citizenship for the communities which are being prosecuted in neighboring countries.

  3. If you want government services to reach you properly, you cannot have illegal non-tax-paying immigrants diluting it.

  4. It increases security in a country routinely targeted by radical terrorists.

  5. In my opinion because it won’t lead to anything other than a lot of confusion and suffering for common citizens especially the poor but also middle classes. For example people being left out incorrectly, people having to pay bribes to get into the list, senior citizens and families standing in long queues or having to keep going to offices repeatedly to prove their citizenship , etc. Those officials putting people on the lists may have too much power over common people in their hands too and may easily misuse it. Its not like a census where people go door to door collecting information, here people will need to actively prove their citizenship. Citizens need less red tape and government not more.

    India should focus on getting its economy on track, ending corruption and also handling geopolitical threats like China.

  6. Along with all this you are also ignoring the amount of money and time which will be spent on this scheme. Checking the documents , validating them , matching them with records , opening specialised centre , employing government and on contract officer for this etc etc for 1.3 billions people will no way an easy task. And then there will be process for rechecking whose name got excluded from list. And then after that opening and operating detention center with the tax payers money.It will be just like pro-longed demonitisation days.

    And then those detention centre will become centre of international and local criticism on how someone who lived his/her whole life in India had to live in detention centre away from his family because of NRC . I am not even going concerns about people who might be a citizen of India who may not be able to prove so.

    India is already going through slowdown . We don’t need NRC immediately now. All these money any effort could be used in a better place. Though I hope NRC get implemented a decade later but definitely not now.

  7. I support NRC and CAB. For the sake of debate however:

    The illegals have lived here for many decades. They’ve become accustomed, even somewhat naturalised. Why should they want to go back to their nations? Why not give them citizenship and collect a one time fine kinda fee?

    On the other hand, where will you move the illegals? Their parent countries won’t accept them back. They will live and die in the detention centres, which are still funded at the expense of Indian citizens.

  8. It’s a moral hazard problem. It will only encourage more illegal immigration, since they will believe that they will eventually get citizenship.

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